Is ACN Scam For Real?

ACN is a telecommunication company that is based in North Carolina. It started out in 1993 in the telecommunications sector selling broadband and internet services as well as offering landlines.  It has expanded into other markets as well. It now operates as a gas and electricity provider as well and it built its very own digital phone network in 2008.

ACN Scam

So is ACN scam for real – not at all. It is a bona fida company which has even been endorsed by the billionaire Donald Trump.

One of the secrets of its success is that the company structure is based on MLM (multi-level marketing) and that it is consistently expanding – in 2011 ACN was in 23 countries encompassing four continents. Usually these network marketing companies have more money to invest in their products than other companies as they do not spend much at all on advertising. Their network marketers do that for them and pay them for it too. In 2010 its revenue was US$ 500 million.

With such a huge company with many people working for them there is definitely no ACN scam going on. The company offers services that support both businesses as well as people like you and I. Everyone can profit from their products.

They offer digital phone services (including video phones) and offer local as well as long distance service. They also offer cell phones with no contracts but with economical plans. They have also gone into DirectTV as well as Dish and Digital TV offering their customers various TV packages and promotions, of course. They team up with high speed internet providers to give you an all-round communications package.

They now also offer home security and home automation and even have a package targeted to renters. This is a an ever growing section of the market nowadays and some of their home security packages start as low as $9 per week.

ACN has also foraged into the energy market, offering consumers gas and electricity. You can also have the option between a fixed or a variable rate energy as well as natural gas and even renewable energy options from solar, wind and water power sources – the so-called green energy. Their customers can even choose between a 35% or a total green energy commitment.

If you want a home based business, working with ACN can be a great opportunity for you as they provide products and services that everyone needs and these services are billed to their customers every month without fail. For example, you either want to have gas to heat your home, etc. or not. It’s a utility and you need it 24/7 every month of the year. The same with their phone and internet services - not many network marketing companies offer products and services like this.

home based business

You are simply offering people an offer better service than the one they are already paying for. This means there is no change in the way they are using these services, just the provider is a different one.

ACN is a great opportunity and they have stellar products and services so ACN scam doesn’t exist.

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