Do you have a mortgage in Belgium?
Has your bank lowered your mortgage rate?

  • 8 out of 10 families in Belgium have difficulties with their monthly mortgage payments!
  • Did you know that 6-8 out of 10 borrowers in Belgium pay too much for their mortgage!
  • EURIBOR at historical lows - has your bank lowered your mortgage rate lately?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable/fearful of asking your bank to review and lower your rates?

We are an experienced team of independent credit professionals (bilingual) and can help you to review your credit conditions for FREE. We work together with various credit partners in Belgium and can compare your mortgage interest rate to the best rates available on the market today:

  • Without any further obligations you will find out how competitive is the rate you pay (without your banker getting to know).
  • If economically viable we can help you to renegotiate and shift your mortgage to a provider with the best market rate.
  • If you have several mortgages and loans – we can help to renegotiate all of these into one competitive loan contract.
  • By changing your classical mortgage into fixed-term mortgage - it is possible to LOWER significantly your monthly payments.
  • Free up CASH and use at your will; or for various attractive and tax optimized saving and investment opportunities.
  • Our statistics show that in 70% of the cases we are capable to offer our customers BETTER credit conditions compared to their existing ones.


If you are interested in FREE review of your existing mortgage rates in Belgium and stop overpaying hundreds and hundreds of Euros every month – contact us:

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