When Grocery Shopping
You Must Compare Grocery Prices

If you are the grocery shopper in your family, you must compare grocery prices. 

Different stores have different items on sale each week. 

It is important to note what stores have for sale each week and plan your menu around that.

Compare Grocery Prices

Shopping at one store might be easier but it will not save you any money.  You need to pick two-three stores you enjoy going to.  From those stores you will check and compare grocery prices to decide where to do your shopping for the week.

Using coupons can really help with this.  You can match coupons with sale prices to save even more money.  You have to do your research but it isn't too difficult to figure out.  You will save between $20-80 a week if you do this.

You will need to find a good website that will tell you what is on sale each week.  Click on the link for the store and they should give you a good list.  Go through the list and figure out what items your family needs. 

After you do that you can see if you have any coupons for the items that are on sale.  Some sites will tell you where to find the coupons.  This will be a lot easier for you if you always get the paper each week.

Once you buy the paper you will need to clip and organize your coupons.  The best thing to do is sort them by category.  Make folders for each category.  Then you can easily find what you are looking for.  You will probably want a category for baby items, meals, snacks, paper items, bathroom items and pet items. 

Once you have figured out the store you need to go to and what coupons you need for the store, you are ready to go shopping.  It is best if you can leave the kids at home.  They can really distract you from your main goal. 

Make sure you stick to your list at the store.  If you don't you will end up paying full-price on a lot of items.  Make sure your list is complete and you don't have to add anything at the last-minute.

When you compare grocery prices you will be able to save your family a lot of money.  While your friends might spend $200 a month on groceries, you will be able to get away with only spending $100. 

By saving money on groceries, you can have extra money for other things in your life.  You can save more or pay down debt faster.  You can also take more trips and do more activities.

A lot of people think it is too difficult to save money on groceries.  They think it is too much work and don't even try.  They don't realize that it doesn't take much time at all.

A lot of people can do the research they need to do in less than an hour.  It might take longer if you have a lot of coupons to clip.  Just getting the information shouldn't take you long at all.

One idea some people have is to plan their meals on what is for sale.  If pork is on sale one week, they will plan a lot of dishes using it.  If chicken is for sale the next, they plan a lot meals using that.

You can also stock up on meats if you have the space to do so.  This is a good idea so that you are getting the best deal on every meat that you buy.  You might want to buy a second freezer to keep in your garage for that reason.

If you have the extra space you should buy enough for the amount of space you have.  Also make sure you know how long certain foods are supposed to last.  You don't want to stock up on something only to have it go bad after a couple of months.

Knowing you can trim down your family's grocery bill is a really good feeling.  It isn't hard to do and most people should be able to make it work.  Searching to see what is for sale will help you know exactly how to get the best deal on your food.

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