Compare Natural Gas Prices To Reduce Expenses

It makes very much sense to compare natural gas price you pay. The difference between the lowest and highest price available in the market at any given time is 15 to 20% - and will save you hundreds of dollars per year.

Quite often your local supplier of natural gas will sell gas from a variety of different suppliers that offer different terms of sale and prices.  Consequently, you need to compare natural gas prices from each supplier. There are basically two components of your natural gas bill, there is the cost of distribution, and the cost of the gas itself. Of course, you may see a host of other small charges and taxes that are levied as well, but those are the two main charges that will be on your bill.

There will be only one  company that will distribute gas to your home or business, since there are only one set of natural gas lines that service our  homes and businesses. You do not have any choice regarding the distributor of your natural gas. You pay them a service charge to administer the distribution network.   On the other hand, you will likely have a choice of various companies that will sell you the actual gas you consume, and you can compare natural gas prices.  They offer different prices and terms of payment, so you will have to choose the provider that is most suitable for your individual needs.

Natural gas is normally priced in terms of cubic feet, when you compare natural gas prices, keep this in mind. So, of course you should compare the amount each provider is charging per cubic foot.  However, many providers will give you options regarding the terms of your pricing. For example, if you believe that natural gas prices are going to rise in the next year, many of them will give you an option of locking in the price you pay for cubic foot for one year. Of course, if the market price of natural gas declines over the next year, you will still be obligated to pay the fixed price that you agreed upon.  Some providers even have options for locking in the price for two years.

Almost all sellers of natural gas will offer a monthly variable rate. This means that the price you pay will adjust once a month based on current market conditions. There are even variable plans where the price you pay will vary daily based on market conditions.

Here are some questions you may want to ask each supplier:

First, obtain the price per cubic foot from each supplier. When you contact each supplier, make sure you have an understanding of the following salient points.

What are the contract terms. Monthly variable, variable, 12 month fixed, 24 month fixed or other terms
Is there a minimum amount for my bill?  In some cases there will be a minimum billing amount even if you do not consume any natural gas.
Is the price per cubic foot fixed or will it vary?
Will you receive a separate bill from this supplier, or will their charges be incorporated into your existing bill?
If you must terminate the contract with them, are there any termination fees?
Does the natural gas provider operate a customer service office and provide a means for digital communication with them?  Ie; website, email, etc.

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This price comparison helps you find the cheapest electricity and natural gas among energy companies. While taking the time to compare energy prices does not have the sex appeal of shopping for TVs and electronics, it actually saves you much more money in your personal budget. If you sign a contract for 1 cent less per m³ (27¢/GJ), you will save about $30 per year. The difference between the highest and lowest price is usually 5 cents ($1.35/GJ), so signing with the lowest cost provider will save you ca $150 per year. Think about this when the door to door marketers and telemarketers call.

Natural gas prices are set in an open and competitive market and are influenced by many variables. These variables include supply and demand, production and exploration levels, storage injections and withdrawals, weather patterns, pricing and availability of competing energy sources and market participants’ views of future trends in any of these or other variables.

There are many suppliers for natural gas and electricity. Prices vary depending on where you are. Please select your Country, enter Postal Code or ZIP Code and get absolutely FREE and  no obligation quote.

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