Why You Should Compare Petrol Prices

In recent years the cost of petrol has skyrocketed. It has become one of the major living expenses for most households. Therefore almost everyone will want to buy the cheapest petrol that they can find. If you compare petrol prices, they can vary quite significantly between different service stations and different supplier chains.

Compare Petrol Prices

Obviously the best way to get the cheapest petrol is to plan ahead. Do not wait until your tank is almost empty and then go to the nearest available outlet.

If you plan ahead you can find many resources which compare petrol prices for you and provide you with the cheapest price in your location. Sometimes the savings are very small on an individual measurement, either per liter or gallon. But when you multiply that by the capacity of your tank and how much petrol that you use in an average week you can make significant savings.

There are many sites on the web that compare petrol prices. They are usually updated daily to give you the very latest information. But always be sure that you check the date and time of the latest update and how long that price will be valid for. It would be a total waste of time to make your way to the petrol station only to find the price has gone up.

Many retailers offer discount coupons on petrol. Including these discounts in your petrol price comparison can be a complicated issue.

First of all are you spending more at that specific retailer in order to get the petrol discount?

Secondly is the starting price of the petrol inflated in order to cover some part of the discount you will receive?

You also need to consider the petrol that you use either traveling to the specific retailer that offers the petrol discount, or traveling to the petrol station where the discount can be cashed in. There is no point going out of your way to get these discounts, if you eating away at the discount by burning fuel to get there.

Another thing to look out for when comparing petrol prices is the weekly cycle of price changes. In many places the price of petrol changes almost daily and depending which day that you fill up you can pay more or less for your petrol.

The cycle of petrol price changes often revolves around the weekend. Motorists often need to fill up before a weekend trip, while away on a weekend trip, or early in the week once they have been on a longer trip. For that reason petrol companies often keep their prices high from Thursday until say Tuesday. Choosing a midweek day to fill your vehicle could result in significant savings.

In summary when comparing petrol prices

•    Plan ahead every week
•    Check the Internet for comparison sites
•    Collect discount vouchers
•    Check the value of those vouchers
•    Lookout for the price change cycle

So, always remember when you compare petrol prices, please ensure that you consider all of the above criteria.

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