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Our partner company ACN offers a variety of flexible pricing options including price stability in a fluctuating energy market.

Check out our Energy Saving Tips page for more ways you and your family or business can reduce the amount of home energy you use on a monthly basis.

Why not stay with my local Electricity Distribution Company?

Your local Electricity Distribution Company ("EDC") is unable to charge you anything different than what the regulator has approved for any given period. Therefore, when electricity prices rise and fall, so will your energy bill. With ACN, you have options to lessen the volatility of your energy costs through a stability plan, or plans that combine short term fluctuating rates with a portion that is stable.

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What Does It Mean To Use Green Energy Sources?

These days, a major factor for many home improvement projects is the need to cut down on energy costs by making the home more energy efficient. Many home owners are finding that simple projects that require little initial investment will save them a bundle in the summer and the winter, when heating and cooling costs really begin to add up. Here are some areas and ideas you can check on to make sure that your home is wasting the least possible amount of energy.

The main factors in energy use as far as homes go is in their heating in the wintertime and cooling in the form of air conditioning in the summer time. Some basic home improvement ideas can help you maintain a static temperature in your home without having to use extra power.

Windows are always the first area to check in the event of air loss. Older houses contain only single-pane windows, and in order to retain the air temperature of your house double paned windows are necessary; in fact, in many places double paned windows are mandatory. Upgrading your windows is a relatively easy task, although the windows themselves may be expensive. Check the seals around the window edges to make sure they are intact and offer no leaks.

The next area to check for air leaks is around your doors. Doors will contract over time, leaving minute cracks along the bottoms and the edges which can allow drafts or escaped air. This is a pretty simple thing to fix, simply by adding some additional caulking or weather stripping to the area where you can feel the leak.

Finally, a roof in need of repair can cause a lot of air to escape. Remember that heat rises, so if your roof is in disrepair you stand to lose quite a lot of heat out of the top of your home. Check your roof every year to make sure there are no loose shingles, and most houses require a roof to be replaced every twenty-five years. Adding a second whirlybird to the top of your house can greatly improve the circulation of air inside.

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