ACN Internet Speed Test

Customers will need a broadband Internet connection with a minimum available upload speed of 128 Kbps (for Videophones 256 Kbps is recommended) and a billing and shipping address in one of the European countries where ACN Digital Phone Service is available. ACN also recommends that customers use the ACN Videophone or ACN Phone Adaptor with a router and Ethernet cable.

You will need the following to benefit from this innovative service:
- A credit card for the initial order.
- A high speed Internet connection such as DSL or Cable, with a minimum upload speed of 128 Kbps (for Videophones 256 Kbps is recommended).

You can make your internet speed test by following the link:

In the ‘Input your VoIP telephone number’ field simply enter your current fixed-line telephone number and click on ‘GO’ to determine your actual upload bandwidth speed.

internet speed test

You can also confirm the upload speed by checking the contract you have with your Internet provider. Please note the speed specified will be the maximum upload speed and not the actual speed.

If you have a limited usage high speed Internet service, then how much of my monthly download allowance will the ACN Device use?

If you use the ACN Device at the recommended upload speed of 128 or 256 Kbps for 7 hours of calling in a month, you will use 1 GB of your download allowance. Using the ACN Device for approximately 34 hours of calls to fixed lines or mobiles in a month would also consume 1 GB. Please note that this is based on your usage and doesn’t include incoming video or voice calls which would also count.

As most limited high speed Internet usage has limits of between 5 GB and 50 GB a month, most people, if using the ACN Device in a normal way, would find that it fits into their monthly download limits.

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