Natural Gas

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natural gas

Our partner company ACN offers a variety of flexible pricing options including price stability in a fluctuating energy market.

Check out our Energy Saving Tips page for more ways you and your family or business can reduce the amount of energy you use on a monthly basis.

Why do Natural Gas Prices fluctuate?

Natural gas is a nonrenewable resource, which is why, although prices may decline from time to time, it has followed an upward trend over the last decade.

In short terms, things like natural disasters, or disastrous world events can cause the energy markets to spike temporarily, in turn causing your energy bills to spike as well.

Why not stay with my local Natural Gas Distribution Company?

Your local Natural Gas Distribution Company ("NGDC") is unable to charge you anything different than what they've paid for your natural gas. Therefore, when natural gas prices rise and fall so will your energy bill. With Planet Energy, you have options to lessen the volatility of your energy costs through a stability plan, or plans that combine short term fluctuating rates with a portion that is stable.

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