Telephone Services

ACN in partnership with several providers in various countries offer you a range of affordable entertainment packages combining broadband, TV and phone services!

telephone services

The Power of Choice

  • Choose from a selection of plans to accommodate your calling needs and budget
  • Add value to every call you make with our competitive rates combined with the
    benefits of ACN-2-ACN calling

Value-Added Calling Plans

  • Plans for residential and business use
  • Competitive rate structure across all plans
  • ACN-2-ACN calling benefits with the ACN-2-ACN plan
  • FREE national calls during off-peak hours, and
    national peak calls charged per call, with the ACN
    Family Time plan
  • FREE calls to all fixed telephony users in your local country with
    the ACN 24 plan

(Please note a competitive monthly fee applies)

ACN-2-ACN Calling Benefits

  • Customers on the ACN-2-ACN plan benefit from calls at no per minute charge to other ACN fixed telephony customers
  • The average person makes up to 60% of their calls to the same people. Save money by becoming an ACN customer and refer the people you talk to the most!
  • The more referrals who become ACN customers, the more you will save!

(Please note a call set-up fee applies)

ACN Digital Video Phone System

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